The House With The Clock In Its Walls

This is a movie review. I do not typically do movie reviews but this one struck a nerve with me so bad I have to write about it.

It contains spoilers


My boyfriend and I received free tickets to a preview of this movie yesterday. We saw the movie with about 150 other people.

A little background for those who aren’t familiar with me. I am disabled. I have C-PTSD as well as several physical disabilities. My boyfriend is disabled and has C-PTSD too.

Within the first ten minutes of the movie they were mocking a disabled kid. I was mad, but I let it go. I looked at the little boy in his braces with his crutches on the screen and my heart broke, then I looked to the man sitting next to me, in his braces with his walker and my heart broke even more. Unfortunately this kind of ableism is common in society and is accepted by most people.

We are not punchlines, we are human beings and we deserve the same respect as our able-bodied peers.

What got me so livid (and yes I was LIVID by the time the movie ended and I let the woman taking opinions after the movie know it) was the entire plotline build up was to tell you that the evil guy did what he did because bad things happened to him in war and he developed PTSD.

So effectively the entire plotline of the movie was telling people that having PTSD is an excuse to do evil things like end the world.

This is not the narrative we need to be teaching our kids. As I told the lady after the movie, I have PTSD, I can not and will not use it as an excuse to hurt and/or kill people as this character did. That is inexcusable.

Even in writing this review I struggled with my own diagnosis and what people have told me about what it means. I was having a panic attack over my right to voice my opinion on something that made me so uncomfortable. My heart is still racing writing this because my head is repeating every ableist I’ve ever heard who told me I did not have the right to be upset or offended by things like this. But I do and I am.

I have always worked hard to keep my disabilities hidden from the people that read my reviews and I shouldn’t. I should not feel like I have to hide a huge part of who I am to be taken seriously in this world, but I do and that’s partially due to movies like this.

I have C-PTSD. I am not a horrible person. I am not an evil person. I am not a bad person and I should not be punished for what happened to me.

We as a society have got to stop demonizing mental illness. I have my own personal struggles with it and honestly I blame society for raising me to shut up about it. I’m trying to get better at it and I’m doing worlds better than I used to, but I still struggle and movies like this do not help.

So this is my one voice and my one opinion saying this movie is an ableist piece of crap and I’m probably going to get a lot of flak for it and that’s fine with me.

We deserve better movies about mental illness and we need to demand better movies about mental illness.

It’s things like this that made me create my other website, it’s things like this that make me fight for those like me and it’s things like this that make me reach out and make sure my voice is heard. Even if it shakes, my voice will be heard.


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